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     What better way to end my stay at Serra Da Estrela with a regenerating mountain wild flower facial! #menneedpamperingtoo 🇵🇹 Photo by @esiracusaimages for @centrodeportugal  After lunch team building at Folgosinho! Photo by @esiracusaimages for @centrodeportugal  Live from Penhas Douradas, the top of the Portuguese world!  After all these years of travelling I think I finally found my true calling...I am going to become a sourdough baker! 🇵🇹  Meet Dinis. Not only he is at the top of his class in school, he loves being a weekend Sheppard. Probably the youngest herder in Portugal, he refuses to be sucked into the screen of his mobile phone and gracefully accepts his family's open air heritage. Dinis is smart. I wish more kids were like Dinis. Photo by @esiracusaimages part of our ongoing storytelling project with @centrodeportugal Sent via @latergramme
     One-Pot chicken extravaganza at Vallécula restaurant in Valhelhas, Serra da Estrela! 🇵🇹  Let's play : Find the Nelson...🇵🇹⛰ Photo by @esiracusaimages for @centrodeportugal  Portuguese Friday Celebration! 🇵🇹 Photo : @esiracusaimages for @centrodeportugal  30 day dry aged sirloin smothered in mountain cheese! #gettingchubbywitheverymouthful 🇵🇹🧀 Photo by @esiracusaimages  I feel like saying something philosophical at the sight of Portugal's most iconic day break, but I will leave you to use your own imagination to caption this vivid dream . Photo by the talented @esiracusaimages Thank you @centrodeportugal for the opportunity to show the very best of your territory!
     Live from Serra da Estrela, Portugal! ☀️🇵🇹❄️ Photo by @esiracusaimages for @centrodeportugal  Mountain Breakfast at Casas das Penhas Douradas Design Hotel ! Wishing all of you a super Sunday! 🇵🇹☀️🧀⛰ Photo by @esiracusaimages for @centrodeportugal  Ordered by a Russian oligarch for his London penthouse, this red rosebud carpet is the prof that the Burel fabric has much more potential then Sheppard's clothing.  There is something phantasmagorically attractive about this view. It's roughness is equal parts daunting and graceful. I think I'll just soak it in for a few more minutes...🇵🇹 Photo by @esiracusaimages for @centrodeportugal  Today I woke up missing the fantasy of Los Angeles, especially its overgrown modern surrealism present in every day life. It's impossible not be hypnotised by it. 🇺🇸

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