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     Miss the pool at the @portobay Liberdade hotel in Lisbon. Check the recent post in my blog 🇵🇹☀️  Prossima fermata : Verbania 🇮🇹🇨🇭  Great things only come in limited editions!  Sunny Sunday Portuguese lunch at Figueira da Foz with a view to the Atlantic Ocean. Who would say that this is November? 🇵🇹☀️  The Algarve is Portugal's most southern region. A well known family holiday destination for its fair beaches, quality of seafood, safe environmental and fair weather app year round. This is my first time writing about family travel and My Algarve Family Travel Guide was make with the support of @flipkey_vacation . 🇵🇹☀️
     Notting days globalisation like having a baby rosebud watermelon for breakfast in the middle of November in Berlin. At least it's organic!   Twilight from the Swiss banks of Lago Maggiore ! Thank you for all your birthday messages. I am truly blessed to have such good friends #goodfriendsarehardtofind 🇨🇭🇮🇹  Ohh the pleasures of a sunny workday afternoon in Figueira da Foz...  #everydayiamhustling  I have this recurring dream about flying. Everything is normal and suddenly I just take off and hover, admiring everyone and everything around Superman, today this dream came true ! Thank you Emotion Fly from Figueira da Foz!  Any recipe that requires copious amounts of garlic, chillies, rosemary and thyme is a good recipe! Ok, the copious part I just made up, but my Portuguese heritage is stronger then any common good sense! #mygrandmaismyhero 🇵🇹
     Portuguese chorizo and cheese muffins for breakfast! Wishing you all a good Baking Sunday 🇵🇹🧀  Happy to be a kid again today...#boyswillbeboys   It's 18:05 and the temperature in Figueira da Foz, rounds 26 degrees! I wish you could a see my tan..☀️🇵🇹🤗  Good Morning from the Universal Boutique Hotel in splendours Figueira da Foz. Who else is having eggs and bacon for breakfast? 🇵🇹  Apparently the guys over at the World Health Organisation have never tried Portuguese Dry Aged Beef! See the video in my blog  photo credits to @grao_a_grao

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