Any travel visual storytelling could never be complete without a story map. Instead of browsing though categories just navigate the globe and pick the story. I have happily partnered with MAPIS – Mapping Intelligent Solutions to provide you with a comprehensive visual way of telling my stories.

MAPIS – Mapping Intelligent Solutions is a company that provides consulting services in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) where the scientific knowledge gets together with our GIS expertise to give shape to your data and find better solutions for you, your company and your city.

MAPIS is where everything takes place.

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  • I love how you mapped your posts – I might add that feature to I just build cascading dropdown menus to make it easier to find posts by destination or by type of post, but a map might help too. Did you use a plug-in?

    • Contact this MAPIS Company for a quote on this application

    • Rui Pedro Silva

      see more about it in
      its a product called story map, for more info contact

      • Thanks Pedro

        • Rui Pedro Silva

          No problem. Congratulations for a very successful blog.
          I got to know it through Mapis, and am happy to tell that Mapis is growing and it will soon launch a new product.
          Best regards

      • thanks so much! Checking out a few options for mine