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We are passionate world travellers, taste seekers and tastemakers, who are also rooted in writing, messaging, and reaching an audience.

In working with us, we will tell your story, the story you want your consumer to hear – imaginatively and engagingly. You want your consumer to be swept up by the message which you are whispering in their ear, and then, to create an action based on the attention which you have captured. OF COURSE, BUT HOW?

This is where we come in. You can see from the blog that we are imaginative, creative and can definitely tell a story – that same passion and talent can be used to create a message and a vehicle for that message for your story. Whether you are the perfect boutique hotel or a tourism board that needs a fall campaign, or a brand needing a fresh effective approach – we are here to create the perfect plan.

Nelson and his inspiring friends are always on the hunt for the next big idea, opportunity and adventure! They have the passion for supporting and adding creativity to the tourism, travel and food industries! Whether you are a publication looking for fresh perspectives and content – or a boutique hotel who would love to be featured and shared with the Nelson Carvalheiro audience, do not hesitate to reach out!

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With over 8 years as a Senior within the Travel&Hospitality industry, I am no stranger to what clients and customers are looking for when they are looking for travel inspiration. As an experienced luxury hotel director and devoted foodies, Nelson is able to give a conscious insider’s perspective about your product or service to our readers. I like to tell brand stories which are relevant to its consumer base and that increase the potential of customer-brand interaction. Invite one or me of my Inspiring Friends to experience your hotel, restaurant, destination, product or service, and we will tell its story in our own unique and engaging manner.

Press trips is all about uniqueness and individuality in Travel. It speaks to the traveller who is keen on discovering destinations on through his own inquisitive mind and footsteps. Like our audience, this is the way we travel. We believe that person and bespoke travel planning are the best way through which one can best enjoy what a  destination has to offer. Recent press trips include Bahrain, India and Portugal. If you believe that you and your brand represent these values, feel free to contact us for personal press trips.

Travel Digital Marketing and Social Media Consulting Services

Nowadays, any travel brand which makes digital media and social marketing a part of their overall marketing strategy cannot afford to ignore the potential of direct personal storytelling as a way of directly engaging and  capturing their audiences attention. On the forefront of the personal one-to-one relationship with their audiences, bloggers have started a recurring trend of making your on-line content matter in a personalized way to your brand’s audience.

People relate to people! Audiences want to connect with what catches their interest on an emotional level. Especially when it comes to Travel and Food! These are two aspects of life which are (almost) constantly associated with “feel good factors” and which drive more engagement from communities in a more positive way than any other. Speak with us on how to make your brand interesting on a personal level to your audience and how to use this potential storytelling to turn your follower base into an engaging community of brand ambassadors.

Nelson can help you with:

  • Digital Communication Strategy and Marketing
  • Digital PR
  • Social Media Consulting
  • Partner Relations
  • Campaign Development

Nelson has a PGD in Hospitality Management by Les Roches Marbella and a Master in Hotel Management by Cornell University on top of an eight-year career in Luxury Boutique hotel management.


Visual content is king! In today’s digital world, one cannot afford to have BELOW-PAR photography when promoting one’s business. Remember, it only takes 0.03 of a second for a human to visually process an image and decide if it is worth continuing to look at, or to discard it. Although words are essential to add context to the story which you are attempting to tell, good photographs make the story-telling a whole lot easier. Nelson studied travel photography at the  University of the Arts London under the supervision of world-renowned Travel Photographer Anthony Webb. Nelson’s candid approach to photography allows him to capture the essence and sense of place of the locations, people of foods that he shoots. His work as been published by a number of international magazines and sites, who consider his approach vital to letting the reader have an honest visual impression of the story that is being told. Check out his photography at the Photography Page.

Live social media

With a joint reach of almost 50000 followers on my main Social media channels – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and Pinterest), you and your brand will be photographed, spoken about, shared and engaged by my followers when we are travelling on the place. This allows for the harnessing of unique-sense-of-place experiences proving an immediate connection to you and your brand


Giveaways are a great way to grow your community and make your travel brand reach new followers. Whatever your travel brand is selling, if you are offering it for free then people will want it. Everyone is used to having to sign up, share, tweet comment, like, write and do everything that giveaways are supposed to do, because they want what you have. Why not harness the power of our community and use their reach potential to grow awareness of your brand.

Sponsored posts

Sponsored posts are a great way to introduce new brand and products to our community. Having said this we will never ever, ever, ever write about something is not relevant or of interest to our readers and community. So if you are a tyres salesmen, please, contact someone else. However, if you think your brand has a good fit to what represents, we would love to hear about you and talk about how we can introduce you to our community.


As you can see by our numbers our name gets around a bit, which results in a continuous drive of engaged users to our site and an ever-increasing follower base. Our readers look for interesting sense-of-place travel stories which are meaningful and relevant to them. If you have a way of talking personally to your audience through advertising then we would love to hear from you on advertising options.

Newsletter Campaigns

Our newsletter reaches + 3000 readers every month, and you could also reach them with a dedicated advertisement space.

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