Being brought up by my grandparents in a small farming village in Central Portugal gave me the opportunity to learn the value of the stories surrounding food and wine from a young age.

I am a firm believer in cultural identity through gastronomy. This is the main reason why I started the blog: to showcase destinations through food and wine in a raw and unprocessed manner.

At the start of 2014, a mere 6 months after founding the blog, I am declared FITUR’s European Travel Blogger. In 2015 I win the 2015 World FITUR Travel Blogger. My Portuguese Travel Cookbook, published in partnership with APTECE, won two World Gourmand Cookbook Awards: best digital e-book (2016) and best culinary travel book (2017).

Nowadays, my work focus is on producing travel and promotional films, of inspirational people who have “stories worth telling”. These have also won awards at several Tourism Film Festivals in 2017 and 2018.

I fell in love on a trip to Germany and now Berlin is my home.


You can reach me at