Nelson Carvalheiro is an award-winning independent filmmaker, content creator, author, photographer, and blogger.

Being a firm believer in cultural identity through territorial personal stories, gastronomy, and wine, Nelson seeks to showcase destinations through a meaningful unique insider’s perspective, where food and wine are showcased in a raw and unprocessed manner.

At the start of 2014, a mere 6 months after founding his blog, he is declared FITUR’s European Travel Blogger. In 2015 he won the World FITUR Travel Blogger award.

His crude photography has been published in multiple international publications like CNN/Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown; AFAR; Der Tagesspiegel; Berliner MorgenPost; Cosmopolitan, Vogue, and Time Out.

“The Portuguese Travel Cookbook”, published in partnership with APTECE, won two World Gourmand Cookbook Awards: best digital e-book (2016) and Best Culinary Travel Book (2017).

His travel films serve as pure inspiration and inception of the “wish to go there” sentiment and rapport he so wholeheartedly creates with his audiences through “stories worth telling”, resulting in millions of views and multiple awards in international film festivals.

As a result of his extensive travel throughout Portugal, Nelson is an expert in food and wine tourism in Portugal, where he shares his expertise with both feature publications and private individuals.

Nelson also holds a master’s in Hotel Management from Cornell University, a Postgraduate in Hospitality Management from Les Roches University, and a 7-year experience in hotel management.

After falling in love on a trip to Germany and living in Berlin for many years, Nelson and his family moved to Portugal, where they now live in a house by the sea.