I am about creating meaningful, real content

My goal when I am filming is to create something meaningful, something real, not just something pretty and soulless. I want to capture authenticity, unprocessed reality, that evokes emotion and communicates the true heart behind the people and companies I work with.I am happy that it looks beautiful in the end (it usually does ), but my primary focus is authenticity and making sure your message and your story create human emotion that drives action towards you and your business.

…and that begins by building real relationships.

I am not a superstar…I am not a fancy film director…I don’t look to impose my vision…I am just a guy with a camera, trying to make sense of it all…. That is why, from day one, my focus is on you and your story. I take time to get to know who you are, what drives you, what drives your business, what makes people want to meet you and spend time with you or to eat your food and drink your wine. I am curious to know what you love and treasure the most, what the parts of your life that showcase who you really are… Besides getting to know you, I also want you to feel comfortable with me - because relationships go both ways. I don’t want just to show up with a fancy camera and try to create “fun” content…I want you to hear my story, to understand my personality and the things that I love, so that I am not just the filmmaker, but I am also a friend. So either you are a destination, a 5 star hotel, an ethnic restaurant or a by appointments only winery, my approach is the same, first we get to know each other…Then we can start filming.

It's All about Real


I live in a beautiful seaside village on the north of Lisbon, called Ericeira and I love it. Its small, quaint, full of surfers, yoga teachers and other likeminded creative people. I love being close to the sea and have the opportunity to on both coastal and forest walks at the same time. Essentially, it’s a Portuguese fisherman’s and farmer’s village, so you can image the quality and healthy food that I can enjoy here.

The natural beauty, rough landscape and all its “portugueseness” , Ericeira is a world surf mecca drawing in thousands of digital nomads who come initially for a few months of remote work and surf lesson and who eventually buy a property and become expats in Portugal.

This means that is this small Portuguese coastal town, there are plenty of yoga studios, sushi and vegan restaurants, organic farming, forest and alternative schools, handmade ice-cream, English speaking mechanics and all the commodities that someone from northern Europe would enjoy in their hometown. It’s just that this reality has a Portuguese ocean village, its people, and its culture in the background.

All of us get along and there is a great energy and synergy between the locals and the expats who decided to make this small town their home.

I truly enjoy this mixture, and the reason why I and my family left Berlin for Ericeira.

Even though I love my new home by the sea, I am very keen on travelling, especially throughout the whole of Portugal. I am lucky enough to travel several times a year, either to film a milk commercial in the Azores, to photograph an intimate guest house in the Douro Valley or just to take some much needed time off with my family.

Getting to know new places and new people keeps my curiosity about life and about the world alive. It makes me learn to look at is around me in a different manner and ultimately makes me a better person and a better filmmaker.

Although I love to travel and to work in a different location every time, I am also very homely. I enjoy spending time with my wife, my kids and my dogs, but most of all I love to cook. I find it very relaxing and therapeutical, the ability to create good, health, great tasting food and get to eat it at the end… 😊 The perfect excuse to have friend overs and share an extended family mean watching the sunset