Stories move people; it is part of our nature; it is what makes us human after all. Our minds are constantly looking for connections to others and their stories. Stories worth seeing and worth hearing are always kept close, in our hearts. Their messages can inspire us to overcome our biggest challenges, to experiment with something new, and guide us to a better version of ourselves.

I focus on harnessing that power. The enormous power of human emotion to drive action. Massive, determined, and consequent action!

And nothing creates more human emotion, than raw and unprocessed engaging stories. I seek meaning and emotion into everything I do. t’s the way I see the world, how I live my life, and how I create my films. My mission is to help you to add richness and emotional detail to your story, so that your message can reach and influence the people that matter most to you.

Video content that makes the viewer want to go there, to stay at that hotel, to eat at that restaurant, and to visit that winery. I want to be there, I want to meet that person, I want to try that wine, I want to hear that story, I want to stay in that room….This!!!! This is the human emotion that I seek to engage in my work, my videos.

I am blessed to be living my dream of capturing stories worth telling and travel around the world for destination campaigns while meeting other amazing humans and get to immortalize their stories with my camera.

As a content creator and especially as a filmmaker, I specialize in Portugal and everything that makes it a world class travel destination. I have had the chance to travel all over Portugal. I have enjoyed fancy hotels and cozy guesthouses, fine dining restaurants and at mom-and-pop eateries, world class vineyards and friend own produce…All in the name of giving my audience and my clients that unique sense of place, which then created the desire to GO THERE!

All my content is very raw, unprocessed, and true to the nature of the location which I am working with. I don’t have a big team around or carry a truck load of equipment…Its just me, my cameras and good, creative storytelling…That is it!

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