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So so happy to have launched my “Portuguese Travel Cookbook”!  “The Portuguese Travel Cookbook” shows you the Portuguese way of saying “I Love you” through food.

The book is a journey through Portugal which is Semper Fidelis to its origins. A country that is proud of its culinary identity and heritage, where stories about the food, the places, the eateries, the villages, the producers, the fishermen, the farmers, and the chefs who dedicate their life and their day to make traditional Portuguese cuisine the everyday wonder that it is.

Our main objective in conceiving, writing, and photographing this book is to make you hungry and inspire a future journey to Portugal. To make you dream and imagine how the different dishes must taste like, what are their texture, how are the ingredients cooked and who cooks them.

We set out to tell the stories behind the people, the places, the villages, the product, and the recipes which make Portuguese Food unbelievably unique. Because we believe that the culinary heart of Portugal is away from the big cities, this project focused only on peripheral Portugal. Portugal produces its own vegetables, and milk and still cooks the way his grandmother taught him. A culinary Portugal that finds its origins in the nets of the fishermen, in the wood-fired oven, in the hoe of the farmer, and in the local eateries not listed in any guide.

I think this is the greatest asset and beauty of Portugal. A small country in the corner of Europe, still relatively unexplored, still raw, still true to its roots…Still proud of its ancestry and its character. This is the Portugal that I love and whose stories I am going to portray in the Portuguese Travel Cookbook.


The Portuguese Travel Cookbook


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