I am announcing, with great pride and honor, that 3 of my latest travel films are nominated for the Art&Tur 2018 International Tourism Film Festival Awards. It feels super good to see my work recognized, not only by my clients and my community but also by juries of travel film festivals. Last year I say my Coimbra in Centro de Portugal and my Portuguese Travel Cookbook films win awards at the 2017 edition of the Art&Tur International Tourism Film Festival Awards.

This year my  Want to Discover my Alentejo?, A Douro Valley heartbreaking story – Douro Exclusive, O Centro Faz Bem | Center of Portugal does well, my best work of 2017, are set to receive awards. The award ceremony will take place on October the 26 in Leiria, Portugal, so be sure to tune into my Instagram for updates on my films.



“Want to Discover My Alentejo?”

Definitely my best works of 2017, “Want to Discover My Alentejo?” follows Maureen Ferguson, an American expat, who moved to the Alentejo to start a new life with her Portuguese husband. The film was commissioned by the Alentejo Tourism Board and was filmed over a 30-day journey across all the Alentejo region during the summer of 2017. Lots of wine, good food, family and young friends having fun, this film really captures the life of Alentejo through Maureen’s eyes.

A Douro Valley heartbreaking story – Douro Exclusive

Growing tired of the corporate life, Ana and Marco decided that it was time to do what they had always dream about. Douro Exclusive is their third child, after Clara and Salvador, and now they have found happiness in their life purpose: to show the world, the life of the Douro Valley. I fell in love with their story and instantly knew it had to be told…

O Centro Faz Bem | Center of Portugal does well

As any good son likes to return home, I like to pay homage to the wonderful foods and wines from my Centro de Portugal. Serra da Estrela Cheese, Portuguese Cured Cod, “the best fish in the world”, Vitela á Lafões accompanies by a Dão Wine and Pão de Ló are just a few examples of the marvels one can encounter while traveling through the Centro de Portugal. The film was commissioned by my long-lasting partner in promoting Portuguese Food – APTECE .


About the Art&Tur 2018 International Tourism Film Festival Awards

More than a Tourism Film Festival, ART&TUR 2018 is a global competition dedicated to the recognition of excellence in all audiovisual content related to the promotion of tourism.

The ART&TUR 2018 Festival’s mission is to be a national reference in the field of tourism cinema, creating a favorable ecosystem for creativity and innovation in this sector, and honoring the best projects and give them greater national and international visibility. As a consequence, the ART&TUR 2018 Festival is an important means of promoting tourism and territorial branding of the partner brands.

ART&TUR 2018 International Tourism Film Festival is a unique event in the national and international scene. Organized by the Centro de Portugal Film Commission with the official support of the Tourism Authority of Centro de Portugal Region, ART&TUR 2018 Festival is a pioneer event that was simultaneously a center of creativity and innovation in the field of the tourism promotion (essential reference for all operators and Tourism entities), a forum for reflection on the new trends in tourism, facilitating dialogue among academic experts and representatives of the business sector, and also a unique event for up to differentiate amid the commonplace events torrent of proliferating from north to south of Portugal.

In this invention, it was decided to create a symbiosis of various creative contributions of cinema and audiovisual as well as the various arts, of both erudite nature as popular in order to attract many to the event of the finest producers, directors, creative and recognized experts worldwide in audiovisual production, cinema, tourism and marketing.

In the wake of the success of previous editions, the 11th edition will take place on 23-27 October 2018 in the city of Leiria.