I was recently invited to be a guest speaker at the on-line launch party of  Beforetravelling.com, a new and most exciting travel planning and travel information exchange platform.

Me and  Megan Claire from mappingmegan.com, were interviewed by the Beforetravelling.com creator Jorge Gasca on some very interesting travel topics.

Here are some of the travel questions that I spoke about in the Beforetravelling.com interview:

  • What is a reader looking for when visiting a travel blog
  • Why travel blogs are more important than travel booking sites
  • Why some travel bloggers are better than others
  • The real inspiration for Travel Blogging
  • Defining your niche market as a travel blogger
  • Travel blogging communication techniques and best practises
  • My best advice for someone who is just starting

You can find the full length video of the Beforetravelling.com launch party here:


What is Beforetravelling.com and what does it mean to be a part of this travel planning network?

At Before Travelling  we wanted to create a space for Travel Bloggers to develop their skills and become better travel bloggers, create a successful business, create great strong relationships in the industry and access all tools required for their trips.

Travel bloggers are like hidden gems on a destination… sometimes you don’t find them if you don’t know them.

Every time try to plan a trip you stumble upon too much information on the Internet, sometimes useful, sometimes not that useful… but a lot of the times they are just trying to sell you tickets/stays… etc…

Travel bloggers have great stories to share… there is nothing better than the story of someone who has been there done that real experiences.


Getting access to information for the audience and independent travellers is not easy, as well as is very difficult for travel bloggers to be heard and found.

Networking is the most important part of blogging having those relationships could boost your blog very quickly… this is why we are a travel community for travel bloggers and travel enthusiasts in which they can meet, chat, connect, ask questions and showcase their work.

We have the mission of bringing all the best travel information together helping grow travel bloggers and being a source of information connecting audiences with travel bloggers, independent travellers and travel businesses all in one place.