A country that seems to be underestimated, Portugal basks on its unadulterated beauty, warm people and diverse gastronomy. A combination that can be hard to find anywhere in the world.


Aside from these, Portugal also boasts of its remarkably diverse landscape. In just one day, you can travel from the North’s lush and green mountains covered with all varieties of vines and trees. To the rocky mountains with the stunning highland views with waterfalls in the center. Passing Alentejo region’s arid and dry landscape that abounds with cork trees and flowers. And finally, stop in the Algarve’s relaxing beach destination on the far South.

But if there is one thing that makes Portugal even more irresistible, it would be none other than its diverse and rich gastronomy. Portugal does not just lay claim to having found the world’s very first wine-producing regions, the Douro. At the same time, the country also offers one of the most diverse native grapes collection that cannot be found anywhere else in the globe.


If you will consider the place’s unique microclimates, you can just imagine the different personalities that every grape has, creating the best palate for the winemakers to paint with. Starting from the north’s light and effervescent white wines of Vinho Verde to the most intense flavors of the fortified and still wines in the Douro. And from the unctuous and sweet Setubal wines to Alentejo’s spicy and rich reds, there is really no single flavor that will encompass the whole of Portugal. You can pretty much consider the place as your vinous playground. At the same time, Portugal also happens to be a culinary patchwork of aroma, flavor and texture with all its regional dishes. Including the bacalhau assado, cozido à portuguesa or the caldo verde, not to mention the extensive array of regional bread, cheeses, and seafood.

Portugal Food Travel

Best Food Tours in Portugal

We Love Small Hotels aims to introduce you to the various regions. You might like to explore for the best food tours in Portugal and what you might find there while handpicking some of the most extensive multi-day vacations. Which will get you introduced to the very heart of Portuguese cuisine and wine.

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Whether you like your time to be spent relishing the guided wine tasting with the top winemakers of the country in their sun-kissed vineyards, experience a petiscos city tour in Porto or Lisbon. Visit Estremadura’s cheese, discover how to prepare the authentic Francesinha with the local chefs. Shop in some of the best food markets of the world. Or enjoy fine dining in the Michelin-starred restaurants. You can be sure that we will arrange the best food tours in Portugal for you.


Portugal has so much more to offer when it comes to culinary experiences that will introduce you to its fascinating culture, history, art, and people. If you want to explore this unique country, buckle up because the food tours in Portugal will surely be one of the best rides that you will ever have in your life!


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