Centro de Portugal is a deeply heterogeneous region with beautiful beaches, dazzling mountains, a superb gastronomy, excellent wines and a friendly people who welcomes travelers with arms wide open! It has many historical cities with widening streets and incredible stories to tell. Each city has many secrets to unveil, seducing you with its authenticity and strong character. Traditional and contemporary, historical and cool, the past and the future hand-in-hand in a region that will surely amaze you!


UNESCO Heritage in Centro de Portugal Video features these five sites:

Convent of Christ in Tomar

Côa Valley in Centro de Portugal

Monastery of Batalha

Batalha Monastery in Centro de Portugal

Prehistoric Rock Art Sites in the Côa Valley

Côa Valley in Centro de Portugal

University of Coimbra – Alta and Sofia

University of Coimbra Photo Guide

Monastery of Alcobaça

Alcobaça Monastery in Centro de Portugal

Here are the links to the other videos featuring the 6 journeys we made within Centro de Portugal:

Serra da Estrela





Unesco Heritage in Centro de Portugal

Centro de Portugal

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