Having spent the last 5 weeks travelling through India on my India Photography Trip, I have witnessed just how much travel changes your perspective of the world.

Having travelled to India for my India Photography Trip, just shortly after my 2 week trip to Bahrain with the Discover Bahrain program, meant that only a couple of days ago I  had the opportunity to finally post my article on why should you visit Bahrain :  Why-bahrain-is-the-coolest-arab-country-to-visit. So my most sincere apologies for not posting on a more regular basis, which I will do from now on.

Its just that I get so absorbed with the new reality of the country that I visit, the people that I met, the food that I taste, that my whole mind is immersed in this new context, making it very difficult to think about other realities. I have never experience such a rooted connection to the place that I am visiting as I did in India. Everyone says that travel changes your perspective, and that India is probably the most intense place that you will ever visit…Let me say that all of it true…

Being troubled by the answer to the “What defines India?” question, I realized that the answer changed at every second, with every different personal (or animal) encounter, with the sight of temple, the taste of food or by someone telling me a story about one of the sacred books of Hinduism. It is then that I realized that I was to was to define India in one sentence, it would have to be a pretty big sentence, so I wrote “Define India: One Sentence…500 words…” comprising some of the most meaningful experiences, interactions and realities that lived while in my India Photography Trip.

Nevertheless here we are and, while I catch up on my writing I am going to leave you with a few photos of my India Photography Trip, and I’ll let everyone tell the story on their own…

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