Porto Bay Hotels Nelson Carvalheiro

InPortoBay is the name of the Portuguese Hotel Brand Porto Bay Hotels, to whom I regularly contribute with my  travel and food personal recommendations.  My inspiring friend Maria Braga had already the opportunity to stay at the Cliff Bay Hotel (Porto Bay’s flash ship property) when she was a guest of the Madeira Edition of Rota das Estrelas. There she had the opportunity to experience the Michelin Star cuisine of Chef Benoit Sinthon at the Il Gallo D’Oro Restaurant. She also had the opportunity to experience the fine cuisine of Bistro4, the restaurant of the Porto Bay Liberdade Hotel.

In June 2015 I wrote my first piece for the InPortoBay blog entitled the Best Secret Restaurants of Lisbon which I also published on my blog here. Later this year I will be writing about the Best Secret Shops in Lisbon and the Best Secret Places in Lisbon.