Borough Market is much more than of of London’s traditional trading posts. It is a gathering ground between avid foodie shoppers and deeply in love with their produce traders.

Following my London series of Food Photography, the London Summer Feel and Dishoom , this Borough Market Photography post tries to capture the essence of London’s most vibrant foodie market.


The building that the market takes place was built in 1851, however there are scrolls mentioning its existence even before 1276. Locals come to chat with their trader friends, where they exchange thoughts and impressions on food and recipes.



The neighborhood feel that this market has lived on for the past century and a half, has reached another level of contrast within the ever busy London, as the city’s latest coqueluche, The Shard has been built just across the street.

With an atmosphere rich is fresh food odors and trade hagle, it is a joy to the eyes to see the assortment of produce and food that makes this market the best for food in London, and maybe the uk.

Nelson_Carvalheiro_Borough_Market_3 Nelson_Carvalheiro_Borough_Market_4

British traditional dishes rub shoulders with international street food, so you know you can have a choice of a barley grass health conscious cocktail juice, or a decadent pulled salt beef sandwich on sourdough.



Nelson_Carvalheiro_Borough_Market_6 Nelson_Carvalheiro_Borough_Market_7 Nelson_Carvalheiro_Borough_Market_8 Nelson_Carvalheiro_Borough_Market_9

Pimm’s cocktails, fresh oysters, paella, turkish delights, greek olives, truffles, on the spot cooked french baguettes, world cheeses, vegan burgers, indian street food, british strawberries….

My recommendation is to go for lunchtime on a weekday, so you miss the weekend rush and have more time and space to enjoy this astonishing culinary delight.

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