This an extended version of the “Best fish comes from Portugal” video, I did for APTECE.

I felt inspired by your tremendous feedback and made a more heartfelt version of my “The best fish in the world comes from Portugal” for Aptece with the help of Centro de Portugal .

Here I took a more personal approach and a more melancholic music, to showcase the personal side of the fisherman Patrão, the captain of the Pouca Sorte ( small luck) wooden fishing boat featured on the video.

When telling the story about the quality of Portuguese Fish, it is crucial to tell the stories of the men who actually venture out into the seas to catch it. It is their story who intrigues me the most.



The best fish in the world comes from Portugal video was made as a part of my ongoing collaboration with APTECE (the Portuguese Food Travel Association) within the scope of the “Portugal Figura de Proa” promotional project. All opinions are my own.