To all my foodies friends in London, an retrospective of the life of Ferran Adrià is being held at the the Somerset House.

I had the opportunity to see it , so here are a few sneak peaks as to what you can expect


As you walk in there is a sample of the numerous magazines and publications that features elBulli and Ferran Adrià on the front page.


elBulli, last waltz is an introductory video, which gives you the last three minutes of the documentary made by Televisió de Catalunya about elbulli’s last service. You can see the full video here


Notes and sketches of the kitchen logbook, indicating what the brigade did on that day and what need to be done for tomorrow, sunday the 29th of August.


Adrià used coloured playdough to simulate the placement and, shape, size and styling of the courses. Allows for more freedom of the imagination and is definitely  more efficient than making a drawing.