It is never to late for some travel inspiration, especially when Valentine’s day is just around the corner, here are my Top 5 Romantic Hotspots for 2015

Lisbon, Portugal

Inspired by its soft light, red corrugated roof tops, endless variety tile patterns and paintings, bright yellow creaking trams, winding narrow streets, that suddenly expand into a praça or empty out into the formidable river Tagus, Lisbon is a lover’s dream… It is like it has stood in time for the last 100 years and I just love the way the city waves its silhouette down to the river as if itself was made from the water of the sea.  Watch the sunrise over the river Tagus with your loved one, and dream of all the beautiful and precious things in life. Cry your heart out to the intensity and the emotion of Fado music and the Portuguese 12 string guitar in the evening, for some unique hearted loved memories. This is why Lisbon is #1 in my Top 5 Romantic Hotspots for 2015

Nelson_Carvalheiro_Lisbon_Azulejos Nelson_Carvalheiro_Lisbon_Sunrise Nelson_Carvalheiro_Ponto_Final_2013




Quirimba islands, Mozambique

Forget about Zanzibar! If you want to see heaven on earth and sea, you need to head out to the Quirimba Islands, off the eastern coast of Mozambique. I love the way the whole east Africa shore is made up of a mix of Arabian, Portuguese and Indian influences. Its culture and traditions give it a sort of special fairy tale narrative that goes hand in hand with the unbelievable beauty makes up sight of white sand islands, turquoise sea, spiced gin, and piri-piri prawns! What is more appealing to the Quirimba Islands , is that nothing has changed much from the Discovery Ages (16th Century). Most of the fisherman’s villages and Arab trading posts that once prospered through the Portuguese spice trade routes remain the same, as if untouched by time. The sheer remoteness of this paradise on earth has meant some of the islands are still uninhabited, leaving all alone with your day dream thoughts. Now tell me, could there be a more romantic place on earth. This is why Quirimba Islands are #2 in my Top 5 Romantic Hotspots for 2015

Nelson_Carvalheiro_Quirimbas Nelson_Carvalheiro_Quirimbas (3) Nelson_Carvalheiro_Quirimbas (2)




Kerala, India

They say lovers feel more bonded and connected during the sight of a sunset than any other time of the day. If this is true then Kerala has to be the next place where you have to take your better half. Kerala has more beautiful, mesmerizing, thought provoking, tear jerking, solemn moment, perfect golden light sunsets that the whole of the exotic islands in the world put together. The feel of an India for beginners, gives Kerala a whole cultural multidimensional and diversity, where the Hinduism storytelling, the picture postcard beaches, the luxury hotels and abundant smell of spice in the air enough to melt even the colder of hearts. I recommend leaving your camera at home, as you will want to keep these sunset moments just for yourself. This is why Kerala is #3 in my Top 5 Romantic Hotspots for 2015

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Big Sur, California, USA

My first thought upon reaching Big Sur was the one of disbelief, over how could it be possible that I was only 300 miles away from Los Angeles. Overlooking the Santa Lucia mountain range is a place, where the land suddenly falls into the Pacific Ocean making it one of the most beautiful ocean, mountain, and forest views that you will ever come across. While staying at the Post Ranch In (another big attraction, besides the evergreen beauty that surrounds you constantly), can the see the daybreak behind the snow covers top of the Mountains, rise above the Los Padres National forest and cast a light into the vastness of the uninhabited and uninhibited views of the Pacific Ocean. Big Sur comes on the top of my list for romantic places for its natural beauty and for barely having any cell phone network, leaving plenty of time for you to get busy with other matrimonial activities… This is why Big Sur is #4 in my Top 5 Romantic Hotspots for 2015

Nelson_Carvalheiro_Big_Sur Nelson_Carvalheiro_Big_Sur (3) Nelson_Carvalheiro_Big_Sur (2)




Lago Maggiore, Switzerland/Italy

A classic is always a classic, and long before James Bond made it a love classic, Lago Maggiore had inspiring romance since Roman soldiers broke rank to run away with the fair young ladies from the Celtic tribes who populated this area. Its evergreen composition, mirror still waters, mixed with a soft and steep hill like horizon silhouette, makes up the most perfect I love you postcard that you can ever send. Nowadays it is full of charm and style, as the European elites have named it their own romance inspiring playground…I mean the “take the yacht to the Michelin star restaurant” kind of style…All put together, there is no better place to impress your other half. This is why Lago Maggiore is #5 in my Top 5 Romantic Hotspots for 2015.

IMG_6665 Nelson_Carvalheiro_Lago_Maggiore (2) Nelson_Carvalheiro_Lago_Maggiore


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