The first you notice about this Serra da Estrela video is the unexploited and raw nature of its territory. A landscape that hasn’t changed in the last 10 thousand years, sculpted only by the elements into a smooth arrangement of high altitude plateaus. In the midst of its protruding round granite formations called Fragas, a hand full of tiny heritage villages are scattered among high altitude forests, waterfalls, natural lakes and glacier valleys.

In this Serra da Estrela Video, you can see the a reality of an area which is inhabited by very few people. These communities still embody the shepherd heritage of the Serra da Estrela. More so, it provides you a glimpse into an almost uninfluenced Portugal. You see it’s not only its territory but also its people who are raw too. This story is narrated by a young boy, who only is at the top of his class in school, he loves being a weekend Sheppard. Probably the youngest herder in Portugal, he refuses to be sucked into the screen of his mobile phone and gracefully accepts his family’s open-air Serra da Estrela heritage.

The Serra da Estrela video was filmed in 4k UHD.

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Video Credits:
Concept by Nelson Carvalheiro
Produced by Imagens do Século
Recorded by Luis Graciano
Edited by Joana Cunha & Luis Graciano