As a regular contributor to the Les Roches Marbella Blog, I wrote about what it means to be to become a travel writer and photographer.

Here are some excerpts and the link to the article.

Being a travel storyteller  is about being able to transmit a sense of place to the reader. I believe this is the fundamental core of good storytelling. You have to be able to “show, not tell” your experience to the reader and always bear in that he must be able to replicate your experience.  One of my references for out of this world travel writing is, Alain the Botton’s “The art of travel”, especially the section about him watching the planes land at Heathrow Airport. Here you will be able to understand how, through the magic of talented writing, a mundane happening can be made as interesting as a Brazilian carnival parade. ”

“There is a lesson here for all the hospitality marketing and content managers. Please, think about your customer base when you are writing copy about your property. Go beyond the fact sheet box or describing the facilities and services with soft adjectives. It is never just about a night’s sleep or a meal, it is about a connection that the guest has with your property, no matter how short, and it is up to you to manage the engagement, interest and expectations of their mind-sets.”



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