What defines travel? What does it even mean? 

This is a copy of a short  article about the definition of  travel that I wrote for my Swiss Hospitality School – Les Roches Marbella, and what it means to the young professionals that are starting their hospitality career!

Here is the Link to the Les Roches Marbella Blog post .

After all, this is the fundamental reason why you came to Les Roches Marbella and sought a career in Hospitality… Because people love to travel! They love to discover new cultures, new food, seeing new places and meeting new people. Experiencing life in a completely different manner is ranked as one of the highest sources of joy, and this is for me the ultimate reason for travelling! Happiness!  You are on the receiving end of the travel chain and are the ultimate and last responsible for the long-lasting memories that create such happiness!

My job, as Travel Writer&Photographer, is merely to tell the story that will initiate and facilitate the journey of the traveller.   I work on the dream and planning stages of travel, where the traveller is seeking (voluntarily or involuntarily) information, advice and most importantly, inspiration for their next voyage.

Now, my blog has reached the final round of voting for FITUR 2014 European TravelBlogger awards and it would mean the world to me if I was to become your favourite travel blogger and receive your vote! Voting will take place from the 29th of November until the 9th of December, via Facebook and Twitter, and everyone can vote! You can find more details here.

My writing and photography is dedicated to the soul and sense of place of the locations I visit, the people I meet and the food I taste. This is my brand and what my blog is all about!  I have selected my latest top 5 travel stories, in order to give you a glimpse of how I inspire travel!



An Unforgettable Weekend, What to do in Lisbon?

This is my third instalment of my Unforgettable Weekend in Lisbon series after the Where to Eat and the Where to Shop were published in the previous weeks.

A London Borough Market


Borough Market is much more than of of London’s traditional trading posts. It is a gathering ground between avid foodies shoppers and deeply in love with their produce traders.



Portuguese hospitality in a bottle

There are few things in life which give me more pleasure than eating and drinking…They are drinking and eating with friends, while speaking about eating and drinking. This is what my new blog post is all about…

Coimbra: UNESCO’s Latest Heritage Addition

Coimbra is dubbed as the Portuguese City of Knowledge, a dream of Olympus, they call it! Here is a short travel story of my recent September trip back home, where everything feels so different, but at the same time so familiar…

They call him Herr Uhlfelder, I call him Francisco…

Francisco Huguenin-Virchaux Uhlfelder. An eccentric and attention grabbing name which goes with an even more engaging persona. That would be summary description of my friend Francisco, one of the most iconic Lisboners that you will ever meet!



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