Portugal Bicycle Tours have attracted enthusiasts not only from Europe but also from different parts of the world. They are looking for a good dose of fun, excitement, thrill and adventure. As far as bicycle tours are concerned, Portugal is undoubtedly one of the best’s. Here you can get all that you want and experience a ride like you’ve never had before.

Europe’s West Coast with a Culture-Rich History

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Portugal boasts of its abundant seafaring past. Which awakened the old world into a bright new era. The Portuguese discoveries of Brasil, seaways to India, Pacific Ocean or first contacts with Japan. Trough personalities like Vasco da Gama, Pedro Alvares Cabral or Fernão de Magalhães. Launch the world for the first time into a truly global era. The implications were massive in all domains. From simple daily habits to the economy, passing through art, science, religion, health, warfare and politics. Everything we can think about was profoundly changed. A new time in history, the Renaissance, had just begun. And leading this transformation not only gave Portugal international recognition. It transformed it, into a world power. And with the power came the money. And with the money came the art and artists. And it’s their work we can now appreciate.

When you bicycle tour in this place, history itself will greet you at each turn. From palaces of the kings and queens to wealthy churches and monasteries passing through different UNESCO World Heritage Sites. A visit to the capital of Portugal, Lisbon. Will get you introduced to one of the oldest cities in Europe. Where you can indulge in a vibrant but utterly relaxed atmosphere. A contemporary lifestyle that perfectly blends with the rich history of the past.

Enjoy Life the Portuguese Way

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The people are known for enjoying and making the most out of life while taking great pride of their rich heritage. They showcase their humble nature through their genuine passion for the traditional folk festivals as well as Fado. That wonderful music that tells the story of longing and past love that will ignite those deep feelings in your heart. Even if the language is foreign to your ears.

The cuisine of the country also features the market wares’ abundance. Including the freshly caught and modestly prepared seafood and fish. Coupled with the vegetables and fruits grown in the area. Fresh cheese and freshly baked bread are a staple with all meals, so you can get your stomach full before you go on with your Portugal Bicycle tours.

Portugal Bicycle Tours give you all, and it’s affordable

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On mainland Portugal, you will witness quaint villages, first class beach resorts and a stunning landscape composed of olive groves globally acclaimed vineyards and lush mountains.

The Azores’ islands are a paradise for nature lovers. They feature a rich nature perfect for those who are looking for tranquility and peace during their vacations. The islands are also perfect for bicycle tours and hiking while the surrounding ocean provides the scenery. And the opportunities for whale watching, deep sea fishing or sailing.

Refreshingly affordable and little explored Portugal bicycle tours are the best-kept secret in Europe. Portugal Bicycle Tours on We Love small Hotels page can help you schedule one of the best’s trip of your life. Where you will get all that Portugal bicycle tours have to offer. While getting the dose of fun and adventure that you have been looking for.

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