We are in love with Travel, Food, Wines and of course Riding!

To ensure that you share this affection, we dedicate all our focus and work to make sure that these motorcycle holidays through Portugal are not just the best motorcycle holidays in your life, but the best holidays you ever had! Portugal Motorcycle Tours prides itself on providing inaccessible Portugal experiences and emotions. Granting you profound contact with the culture, the people, the food, the wine and with all the reality that makes Portugal a unique destination.

Our pledge
To showcase the inaccessible, private and unprocessed Portugal through motorcycle journeys across its territory, its culture, its people, its food & wine and its identity! We want you to feel our traditions and our pride for Portugal and it is with this in mind that we plan and operate our trips. Portugal Motorcycle Tours prides itself of being an insider when it comes to showing you authentic Portugal, either it be by staying in a 17th century feudal palace, leading you through unbelievable scenic routes that only the locals know, getting one of our friends to cook a speciality meal for you in their home or granting you access to a wine tasting in a private vineyard.

As project manager for Portugal Motorcycle Tours I worked closely with a group of investors in establishing a boutique product for Motorcycle Travel enthusiasts, where the most authentic, private and “out of the touristic map” is showcased.

My scope of intervention with Portugal Motorcycle Tours include (and is not limited to) :

  1. Establishment and execution of Business, Marketing, Digital Communication and Social Media plans.
  2. Planning of tours, tailor made recommendations and partner build up.
  3. Complete design and implementation of the website and web shop, including all written, photographic and visual content.
  4. Newsletter design, Facebook Adds