I have teamed up with Porta Azul Porto to offer my readers a 3 night stay worth over 500 Euros.

 Save the dates: 10, 11, 12 of April 2015.

Porta Azul is boutique guest house located on the centre of the city, right at the edge of the old Porto medieval wall . They are offering a 3 night stay in their top room, the Junior Suite, for 3 days: the 10th, 11th and the 12th of April. Breakfast is included and all you need to do is register on the contest bellow, like our Facebook Pages. The winner will be randomly selected.  Good Luck!


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“When we travel, people are what matter the most, as it only by speaking with them one can truly know the destination” by Pedro and Marta, owners of Porta Azul Porto




The Porta Azul Porto philosophy

We are a family for whom the sense of sharing is part of our way of existence. Much like you we have also travelled. Far and beyond, our experiences have enriched us and we consider ourselves lucky to say that we have no negative memories. Travelling for us is like getting a tattoo, it is something that lasts a lifetime. Therefore, it is essential for us that our guests always remember their experience with us for the best of reasons. For us people come first, and we the many friends we made during our travels, we hope you can become our too.

fachada fachada_rear

About the Porta Azul Porto house

Porta Azul occupies a typical house of Porto’s nineteenth century bourgeoisie. It stands out for its bare stone walls covered with relief patterned tiles. The colour and brightness of the sun’s reflection on the glaze of the tiles cheerfully combines with the dark and sombre tone of the granite. This type of house began to be built by a Portuguese family returning from Brazil after the country’s independence in 1822. They had made fortune over seas and came prepared to invest their wealth in the house which would then be their new home. In the comfortable interior, of intelligent and sober luxury, the highlights are the stuccoed ceilings, the enhanced stained glass, the palatial layout of the house’s divisions and the central staircase illuminated by a magnificent skylight.

 jardim_casa Sala suite junior


 And the winner is Eduardo Oliveira. Congratulations. Please contact Pedro and Marta at portaazul204@gmail.com to arrange the details of your accommodation.


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