The World Food Tourism Summit 2015 is set up to be the world’s largest, must-attend gathering of food and drink tourism products & professionals. It brings together entrepreneurs, innovators, thought leaders, policy-makers and sales and marketing professionals from all over the world, not just to meet and learn, but also to buy and sell food tourism products and services.


World Food Tourism Summit Exhibition and Meetings

Trade exhibition

Introduce your food or drink tourism product or destination to media, trade & consumers. A whole range of exclusive sponsorship packages & Exhibition Stands are available for you to reap the full benefits of exposure before, during and after the World Food Tourism Summit & Expo 2015 in Cascais & the Estoril Coast. Each sponsorship package & Exhibition Stands have been designed as a powerful marketing tool to promote your company, products and services to the international food industry throughout 2015 and until the next event.


Business-to-Business Matchmaking Appointments are pre-screened meetings with exactly who you want to meet. According to 2013 Summit delegates,  was hugely beneficial and very popular. Since we want the Summit experience to be the most valuable for your organization and you, we have now included multiple sessions on both of the General Session days (Days 4 & 5 in the program).

Consumer expo

For the first time ever at a World Food Tourism Summit we will host consumers from the local area to showcase the food travel offerings of our delegates. On the 11th of february the Summit will be open to the public.

Concurrent Meetings

Embassy Leaders and Board Members will convene to discuss updates and opportunities regarding the evolution of our programs and collaborations. These meetings will take place on Wednesday, April 8, 2015 from 13:00 – 16:00. Closer to the Summit we will publish additional details on where meetings will take place and ask that attendees RSVP.




World Food Tourism Summit Speakers and Sessions

Speakers and Sessions program here.


PANEL: Working with Food & Drink Tour Operators




PANEL: Closing the Gap between Bloggers & Food Tourism Industry Stakeholders


Branding Food Tourism Destinations


KEYNOTE: Active Foodies


KEYNOTE: Closing the Gap Between Bloggers & the Food Tourism Industry


KEYNOTE: The Golden Age of Food Tourism


PANEL: How Food Tourism Helps to Preserve Food Culture


PANEL: Food Experience as Integrated Destination Marketing Strategy


KEYNOTE: Would You Travel for Food?


PANEL: Food Experience as Integrated Destination Marketing Strategy





Launch of “The Portuguese Travel Cookbook”

An ode to what it is like to travel through Portugal through food, “The Portuguese Travel Cookbook” is the result of a joint wish between myself and APTECE to showcase the Culinary Portugal that stays true to its heritage, beliefs, customs and traditions. Based on 5 week journey through Portugal that I did with photographer Emanuele Siracusa, the book is a visual and narrative transcription of the stories, the recipes and the flavours of the heartland of traditional Portuguese Cuisine.


World Food Tourism Summit Greet and Eat

In addition to the great networking and business opportunities, the World Food Tourism Summit’s renewed focus on high-quality, memorable food and drink experiences and social events at the event itself are not to be missed.

Welcome reception

The Welcome Reception themed “In The Footsteps of The Navigators” based on flavours and aromas from around the world and the countries to which the Portuguese travelled and which had most influence on the gastronomy (Cape Verde, Brazil, China, Goa in India, Angola, Mozambique, etc.). Portugal stretched its imagination and looked out towards the sea and saw more than just water. During the Welcome Reception you will have a chance to savour the aromas, flavours and images of all the mysterious, exotic and faraway places touched by the Navigators on their journeys as you catch up with old friends or meet new ones… Connecting & Networking is the key to Success… an opportunity to Convene, Connect and Commit.




Street Food Party

The World Food Tourism Summit will host the European Street Food Festival in collaboration with other European countries featuring street food vehicles and mobile food concepts from Lisbon, London, Paris, Berlin and many other European cities. This is a not-to-be-missed experience for Summit delegates! On April 9th (at the conclusion of the first day of General Sessions) delegates have free entry to the festival.


Gala Dinner

This very special Evening has been conceived to allow you to get to know this Portuguese region through your senses. A specially designed menu will be produced to connect you to all your emotions and senses. You will also be able to taste, see, smell, touch, hear, and feel all the aspects that make this country a feast for the senses… and then there are the surroundings! But that is a secret or we will spoil the surprise. Be wooed and wowed by this 900 year old country with traditions that have lasted the test of time – amid the colours, sounds and emotions and the beautiful landscapes, you can expect the usual intensive networking.

World Food Tourism Summit Travel & Logistics

The country of Portugal contains some of the world’s greatest diversity per square kilometre; the variety of landscapes, cultural traditions, architecture and food astounds every visitor. Nowhere else on the planet can you wake up in the plains, pass through the forest on your way to bathe in the sea and then dip into a medieval village, or see a work of ancient art and end the day dining in a cosmopolitan city to the sound of singing in the streets and the vibration of contemporary beats.

This is Portugal. A country whose culinary values and culture it is vital to preserve. But there is so much more; from north to south and from the interior of the country to the coast. It is time for you to come and experience this authenticity just 48 hours before the Summit begins.

Choose from one of the regions below for a complimentary pre-Summit tour. You just pay the cost of your transportation from Lisbon to the area you choose. Lodging, meals and sightseeing are included!




Transportation within Portugal for these regional tours must be booked with our official travel agency:

Planeta Real – Viagens e Turismo Lda.
Av. D. João I, Lt 4, R/Ch. Esq.
2200-233 Abrantes
Telef./Fax: +351 241 377 449
Telem. Directo/Direct Dial Phone: +351 915 774 842
NIF: 507793676
RNAVT nº 2606
Email Mr. José Borralho at



Countless charms and places worth discovering

AREA: North of Portugal – PORTO & the North

DESCRIPTION: Porto e Norte is a region where history, culture and nature blend together in perfect harmony, making it a unique destination. Religious heritage, modern architecture, natural parks, hospitality and gastronomy are the great attractions of this territory where Portugal was founded in the 12th century. Ours is a land of sea, plains and mountains with a cuisine as varied as the landscape where the traditional ingredients are produced locally. The people are known for their generosity when it comes to serving you at the table. Come and try our coast, where fish and shellfish are proudly sourced. For example, some of the best salt cod recipes hail from this region. Not forgetting river fish such as lamprey, shad and trout, which in season, also have their rightful place on the table, both on the coast and inland. Along the rivers Douro and Minho we travel through one of the world’s oldest demarcated wine regions, which produces the unique green wines and port wines. In this region with its superlative cuisine there reigns the monarch of Minho cuisine: “Caldo Verde” (kale and potato soup) served with cornbread.


Journey to the unique flavors of the Center of Portugal

AREA: Center of Portugal – Aveiro, Coimbra & Viseu

DESCRIPTION: Come discover a diverse area encompassing as iconic locations like Ria de Aveiro, Coimbra, Viseu/Dan Lafões. Discover the culture, gastronomy, and wines through emotions of the people as reflected in the art of hospitality! Enjoy the history of our sweets made from eggs and lots of stories, but also the “Dan” wine or our sparkling wine that is available world-wide. In charming accommodations, you will also live the tradition of the region’s best cheeses and jams and partake of many other amazing places, some of them recognized for their world history and world heritage.


Enjoy Portuguese food culture as you walk the path of kings and princesses

AREA: Center of Portugal – West & Fatima

DESCRIPTION: Imagine yourself in magnificent churches, convents where princesses and queens once lived, in places of pilgrimage shrines or simply at the top of the mountains, where you will find symbols of respect between the men and the sacred. This journey takes you from the old village of Obidos to one of the main Monasteries in Alcobaça and on to the Sanctuary of Fátima and to a land where women wear 7 skirts simultaneously. Be ready to be seduced by its landscapes, palette of colors and enormous contrasts as rich and varied as its cuisine.


The illuminated city.

AREA: Lisbon Region – Lisbon & Setubal

DESCRIPTION: Europe’s second-oldest capital (after Athens), and considered one of the “World’s 15 Best Waterfront Cities” by the Huffington Post and mentioned by the UK’s The Guardian and elsewhere for its unique foods and spectacular places to eat, this is a must see area for many reasons. Its the only European capital where you can enjoy a delicious and typical dinner with one of the greatest sunsets on the seaside. Whatever your preferences are when you travel, you’ll find them here! If you are more into nature, don’t worry…there is a fairytale come true just minutes form the main city – Sintra and the lovely and charming Cascais & Estoril. Where once upon a time kings and queens went for their summer vacations you can now enjoy the old palaces and all its beautiful natural surroundings. Have you ever seen dolphins in their natural habitat? Then you will love Setúbal, a harbor city, south from Lisbon where you’ll find a residential community of 32 dolphins living in the Sado River. Also not to miss is the typical fish market where you can see some of the Portuguese traditions live as well as its characteristic fishes. Nearby lays Sesimbra, an idyllic village where you can get to know an emblematic local fishing port.


A veritable paradise of beaches and plains.

AREA: Alentejo – Évora & the Coast

DESCRIPTION: A veritable paradise of beaches and plains, a landscape where cork oaks, holm oaks and olive trees provide shade and peacefulness, where herds of pigs freely roam and feed on the acorns that impart a special flavor to their meat, from which comes the famous Alentejo cured ham – “Presunto” – and the “Chouriço”, “Linguiça” and “Paio” sausages with their special aroma and flavor. In earlier times extensive fields of wheat made bread one of the staple of Alentejan cuisine, one of the simplest cuisines in Portugal but also one of the most imaginative and tastiest. The secrets lie in the herbs that perfume cooked dishes and impart that special Alentejan touch. Who could resist the magic of Dogfish, Cod, Tomato Soup, or “Migas”, but also to the “Lamb Stew” or a simple “Açorda Alentejana”? The region also boasts a varied range of red and white wines and fruit and herb liqueurs made by skilled hands.


Mountain and Ocean Flavours – A culinary symphony

AREA: Algarve – Faro & Olhão

DESCRIPTION: Trying the Algarve’s regional cooking is a must for any visitor to the region. Rich in flavor yet simply prepared, its cuisine, like everything in this region, has its origins in distant times and customs and has absorbed various influences. Fish and shellfish naturally play a starring role in the cookery of a fishing area facing the Atlantic. For this, the finest recipes come from fishermen who, across the centuries, have perfected the art of preserving the sea’s natural flavors – grilling seafood slowly over charcoal. But wait, there is more. There are many recipes in which seafood is deliciously combined with aromatic herbs, spices and other ingredients. The most famous of these is the dish, Amêijoas na Cataplana – clams prepared in a deep copper pan of Arabic origin with a hinged and sealable lid, particularly good at preserving the dish’s flavors and aromas. However, the sea is not the only strong influence. The inland areas provide the Algarve’s cuisine with marvelous recipes using farm produce, wild plants and meat from the mountain pastures as their stock ingredients. Internationally renowned, its sweets are to die for! No one can resist the taste or appearance of these heavenly confections of almonds, figs, oranges and carob, all cultivated in the Algarve, blended together with eggs and sugar. Its famous Medronho brandy – distilled from the arbutus berry – belongs to the same magnificent tradition, as do its fruit liqueurs and regional wines. It is an immensely rich legacy, increasingly available for your enjoyment in restaurants and traditional bars throughout the region.


Feel Alive.

AREA: Azores Island – Faial/Pico & Terceira

DESCRIPTION: The Azores have received several nominations, distinctions and recognitions by multiple organizations, entities and publications, by its natural heritage, being distinguished as a Nature Destination of excellence. Faial is the meeting point for sailors and travelers who are looking for silence and beauty.  Horta is known for being the most cosmopolitan city of all islands mostly because of its marina and the history associated to it. Sailors from all over the world passed here! Pico, which you can see from Faial, is where you’ll find the highest point of Portugal (2350 m). The “Landscape of the Pico Island Vineyard Culture” was classified as World Heritage site by UNESCO in 2004 for its uniqueness. The volcanic rock walls are exceptionally displayed to protect the vineyard form wind and seawater. Due to the characteristics of the rocks, the heat from the sun is absorbed and is then passed to the grapes creating the distinctive taste of the Pico “Verdelho” wine.  If you would put the tracery shaped walls in a straight line, it would extend twice around the equator (the largest extension of rocks worldwide).


Year-Round Paradise

AREA: Madeira – Funchal

DESCRIPTION: The islands of Madeira and Porto Santo are recognized nationally and internationally as a very special place to spend a memorable vacation. Its tourist potential and qualities are reinforced by renowned awards attributed to Madeira over the years. Madeira was elected Europe’s Leading Island Destination 2013 by the World Travel Awards, having competed in this category alongside major tourist destinations such as the Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Sardinia, Malta and Cyprus. With the highest status of Integral Reserve, the Laurel Forest is considered a living relic and almost all of its area is included in the Natural Park of Madeira, which occupies two thirds of the island’s surface. Come and visit one of the world oldest vineyards, where you will be able to see the real Madeira vineyards and the final product already bottled or visit where you will be given the opportunity to sample Madeira’s Fennel candies, cakes and biscuits. Learn how to do the famous Madeira honey cake and its biscuits of sugar cane honey or simply see the local products that Madeira has to offer: vegetables, fruit and fish.




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