The abundance and high quality of the fish caught in Portuguese waters are directly correlated to the existence of favorable conditions of temperature, light, salinity and oxygen. This by itself influences the existence of a high amount of plankton to feed lower food chain species. Ultimately, this is what makes the quality of the fish, the fact that the Portuguese coast has plenty of everything needed to have great tasting fish.

In addition to the generosity of nature, there is also is the wisdom of fishermen who, over generations, preserve the line fishing gear, hook, and small traditional nets. It is a gentle way of catching fish that allows it to preserve its freshness and superior taste quality, even after caught. They know how to prepare and cook fish in a traditional manner. Just charcoal and Portuguese salt are necessary to enjoy the full flavour of Portuguese Fish.

If you look up “Portugal best fish in the world” on google, you will find this sentence was uttered by no other than Mr. Ferran Adrià himself. I am sure that everyone who has ever traveled to Portugal and tasted wild Portuguese fish can stand by this acclamation. Nowadays Portuguese Fish is a must in many high-class restaurants across the globe, especially Michelin Star establishments.

It is one of the flags I proudly fly whenever I speak about Portugal during my travels, having even dedicated a whole chapter to it my “Portuguese Travel Cookbook“.

Following the footsteps of our 3-year long successful partnership, I am once again joining forces with APTECE to help them in the promotion of this “mana from the seas” as something worth asking for in your local fishmonger and ultimately traveling to Portugal for.

The project defines Portuguese Fish as an anchor for the promotion of gastronomic tourism in Portugal, while linking it to various traditional products of Portuguese cuisine. Our ultimate goal is to achieve a greater visibility and recognition of Portugal as a Gastronomical destination of choice.


The best fish in the world comes from Portugal video was made as a part of my ongoing collaboration with APTECE (the Portuguese Food Travel Association) within the scope of the “Portugal Figura de Proa” promotional project. All opinions are my own.