Aveiro in Centro de Portugal Video

The city of Aveiro is the second largest city in Centro de Portugal. What makes the place so unique is the fact that the entire city is built on a lagoon – Ria de Aveiro – the result of the confluence of many rivers at a point on the Atlantic coast which had silted up in the past, resulting in a vast network of canals and navigable water courses, winding through and around the city streets. Although slightly unfair to the city of Aveiro, it is difficult not to let the cliché, ‘the Venice of Portugal’ slip from your astonished lips.

The city’s uniqueness is also derived from a combination of elements; a place where Art Nouveau meets modernity, where spanking new shopping centres cosy up to the blue-tiled facades of centuries old fishmongers, bakeries, and cafes, where the bountiful fruits of the ever present sea are paired lovingly with the land’s cornucopia of flavours. A place where the colorfully painted Moliceiros – the traditional boats used to transport the seaweed which nourished the lands – now carry tourists through the city’s canals, only meters from busy urban streets.

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Aveiro in Centro de Portugal

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This project was made under the partnership between NelsonCarvalheiro.com and the Centro de Portugal Tourism Bureau (http://www.visitcentro.com/)
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Video Credits:
Edited by Nelson Carvalheiro
Images by Luis Graciano
Idea and storytelling by WeChangers, based in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4CjhvrpX9g

Music: Glowing by Reaktor Productions https://www.premiumbeat.com/royalty_free_music/songs/glowing

Cover Photo by Emanuele Siracusa: http://www.emanuelesiracusa.com/

I dedicate my award winning travel writing and photography to the soul and sense of place of the locations I visit, the people I meet and the food I taste.

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