First edition of Alentejo Food&Soul will take place on the 2nd and 3rd of June, in Estremoz, Alentejo. The food capital of the Alentejo will be the stage for Alentejo Food&Soul festival, the new street food festival in Portugal that brings together local producers and both domestic and international chefs for a two-day celebration of Alentejo’s gastronomic richness.

This is an unprecedented meeting between cooks from Alentejo and renowned chefs, some of them behind Michelin-star restaurants, such as Alexandre Silva (from LOCO, 1*), Tiago Bonito (from Largo do Paço, 1*) and Miguel Laffan (from L’AND, 1*). Three international chefs, from Austria, Italy, and Turkey, will also attend Alentejo Food & Soul, where they will present the newest trends in worldwide cuisine.

“We are going to work with chefs and producers from Alentejo and challenge the international chefs to make use of the products of the region,” explains Ana Músico, from Amuse Bouche / Sangue na Guelra – Blood n’Guts, in charge of the festival’s production.

Who will be in the first edition of Alentejo Food & Soul?

During the two-day festival, we’ll have with us the international chefs Semi Hakim (Turkey), Matthias Bernwieser (Austria) e Francesco Brutto (Italy), the pastry chef Carlos Fernandes and Alberto Muralhas (Alecrim, Estremoz) and Filipe Ramalho (Basilii, Monforte), both from Alentejo, plus:

On Saturday, June 2:

Alexandre Silva (LOCO, 1*, Lisbon), Hugo Brito (Boi-Cavalo, Lisbon), Pedro Pena Bastos, Miguel Laffan (L’AND, 1*, Montemor-o-Novo), Gonçalo Queiroz (Origens, Évora), Michele Marques (Mercearia Gadanha, Estremoz), Pedro Mendes (Narcissus Fernandes, the restaurant from Alentejo Marmòris Hotel & Spa, Vila Viçosa), Rui Fialho (Fialho, Évora) and Luís de Matos (Portalegre).

On Sunday, June 3:

António Galapito (Prado, Lisbon), Maurício Vale (SOI, Lisbon), Leopoldo Garcia Calhau (Café Garrett, Lisbon), Tiago Bonito (Largo do Paço, 1*, Amarante), José Baldé (Pátio dos Petiscos, Montemor-o-Novo), Alice Pôla (Cadeia Quinhentista, Estremoz) and António Nobre (M’Ar de Ar, Évora).

All these chefs, inspired by the Alentejo cuisine and its products, will create innovative dishes for kids, adults, carnivores, and vegetarians. The dishes, with a fixed price of €5 or €7, are to be shared in long, communal tables, in a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere. Meat, wine, vegetables and olive oil producers from the region will also be at Alentejo Food & Soul.

The festival will be on Centro Ciência Viva, in Convent of the Maltesas, in Estremoz, from midday to 10 p.m. Entry is free.


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