Travel through Portugal through wine! I have to admit that this is the personal dream of mine, right after my Portugal Food Tour last year. Can you imagine what it is like to wake on the top of a mountain overlooking the Douro valley and seeing how the river serpents its way around the lush green footsteps of vineyards? The air is pure and healthy, a cloud dangles mid height like a loaf of cotton pinned on the opposite hill. Ahead of you is a day of Portuguese Wine discovery, always accompanied by quaint and candid Portuguese traditional cuisine. Having the opportunity to speak with the Vineyard’s owners and meeting the simple people that make some of the world’s finest nectars. Maybe even taking part in stepping on some grapes, if you are bold enough.  I know that I will be making my own wine!

This complete guide to Portugal’s Best Wine Hotels, features the most authentic properties in the Douro Valley, Alentejo, and other Portuguese wine regions. It is like a wishlist for my new recent joint venture with Wine Tourism in Portugal, for whom I am Brand Ambassador and Travel Consultant. For the next year, I will be experiencing these properties, writing and photographing about what Portugal Wine Travel is all about.

The Yeatman in Porto, North of Portugal

A great classic hotel defines a destination, providing an authentic and memorable sense of place. The magnificent World Heritage city of Porto is defined by such an iconic property. The Yeatman Hotel. Member of the prestigious Relais & Châteaux collection of hotels and distinguished with a Michelin Star for its restaurant under the direction of Chef Ricardo Costa, The Yeatman Hotel in Porto is a unique and distinctive landmark in the world of classic luxury hotels. Offering individuality of character and a sense of effortless comfort, The Yeatman Hotel is the address of choice for discerning travelers visiting Porto and the North of Portugal. Probably #1 on Portugal’s best wine hotels.

The_Yeatman_Nelson_Carvalheiro (2) The_Yeatman_Nelson_Carvalheiro (1)

The Vine Hotel in Funchal, Madeira

Like a good wine, the Hotel The Vine has a soul. Built in 2008, this Boutique Hotel, winner of the “World’s Leading Design Hotel” Award, has 79 luxurious rooms with a unique décor. A dive in the 360º panoramic swimming pool, a Vinotherapy SPA session or tasting a gourmet dinner overlooking the city in the UVA are some of the little pleasures that will make your stay in this hotel memorable. In the Vine Hotel all senses are stimulated: challenge your sense of smell with a glass of wine in the Pool Bar on the roof of the Hotel; your palate with a meal in the Lobby Lounge or in the exquisite Restaurant Gourmet UVA, under the executive direction of the Chef Thomas Faudry, in the 360º site on the top of the Hotel, where the view is superb and with no limits; you act, in the relaxing wine Spa of the Hotel and finally your hearing, listening to the serene sound of Madeira island in the charming panoramic swimming pool of the hotel The Vine.
 The_Vine_Hotel_Nelson_Carvalheiro (1) The_Vine_Hotel_Nelson_Carvalheiro (2) The_Vine_Hotel_Nelson_Carvalheiro (4)

Herdade da Malhadinha Nova in Beja, Alentejo

The Herdade da Malhadinha Nova is located in Albernoa, in the heart of Baixo Alentejo and offers comfort and design in a perfect harmony between Nature and the surrounding Landscape. Its concept is based on offering experiences wrapped in the theme of wine, as well as Wine Tourism, Hotel, and Restaurant. Wines are the Herdade da Malhadinha Nova ex-libris and reflect a huge respect for Nature and for all the passion and dedication taken for their creation. The vine planted in 2000 takes now the total area of 33 ha. (81 ac.) – 27 ha. (66 ac.) on production and 6 ha. (15 ac.) of new vine. The ecotourism experiences and the modern Cellar, combining traditional winemaking methods with technology, are one of the best reasons to visit the Herdade. Besides the wine production, the Herdade has complementary areas: the production of Olive Oil 100% Galega from the 60 ha. (148 ac.), traditional olive grove, breeding of the Alentejana DOP law, an indigenous breed perfectly adapted to the conditions of the region, breeding of the Alentejano DOP black pig and the Lusitano thoroughbred horse.

Herdade_Da_Malhadinha_Nova_Nelson_Carvalheiro (1) Herdade_Da_Malhadinha_Nova_Nelson_Carvalheiro (2) Herdade_Da_Malhadinha_Nova_Nelson_Carvalheiro (3)

Vintage House Douro in Pinhão, Douro Valley

 The Vintage House Douro is located in Pinhão, in the middle of the Douro Region, classified as World Heritage and the first demarcated wine region of the world.
Adapted from an old winery, The Vintage House Douro is a five star, with a sophisticated but comfortable decoration, typical of the traditional farms of the Douro. With 36 rooms, 5 suites and 2 luxury suites, all with balcony overlooking the river and the terraced vineyards, The Vintage House Douro has a unique location, between the river and the train station of Pinhão – mandatory stop of famous Douro railway line. In addition to car or train, guests can arrive by boat and dock at the pier right in front of the hotel.

1-Vintage-House-Hotel-Douro 9-Cover-Vintage-House-Hotel-Douro-Pinhao 2-Cover-Vintage-House-Hotel-Douro

Ameal Wine & Tourism Terroir in Ponte de Lima, Minho

After the great national and international success of the Ameal wines, a new project was born in Quinta do Ameal, the brand new Ameal Wine & Tourism Terroir. The renovation of several old houses of the property was completed in May 2014. These houses and suites are fully equipped and decorated so guests can enjoy all comfort without leaving the Quinta. Quinta do Ameal has a total of 30 hectares within its granite walls where a little less than half, 12 hectares, is planted with a totally organic vineyard that produces exceptional grapes for the production of wine: The Ameal “Clássico “, Ameal “Escolha”, Ameal “Sparkling” and “Special Harvest”. The remaining area consists of a fantastic and unique forest of 8 hectares consisting of a huge variety of trees including stone pines and oaks aged more than 200 year’s old. Beautiful gardens and over 800 meters beside the river Lima complete this magnificent set.

Quinta_Do_Ameal_Nelson_Carvalheiro (1) Quinta_Do_Ameal_Nelson_Carvalheiro (2) Quinta_Do_Ameal_Nelson_Carvalheiro (5)

Quinta da Pacheca in Lamego Douro Valley

The Wine House Hotel of Quinta da Pacheca is the ideal retreat in the Douro, where peace, tranquility, elegance and comfort are just some of the adjectives to describe the unique facilities prepared for you. Inserted in a 51 ha. (126 ac.) a farm full of vineyards stretching down to the Douro, the Wine House Hotel Quinta da Pacheca is an intense and soulful hotel that surprises for its history, combined with an innovative and sophisticated style. The main building is a typical 18th-century house that was completely restored respecting its traditional architecture and original values. The common spaces and its fifteen unique rooms benefit now of a modern and avant-garde image, with sober and elegant features. This is a boutique hotel totally devoted to gastronomy and wine tourism, where well-being and comfort are omnipresent values and where vineyards and wine play a crucial role.

Quinta_Da_Pacheca_Nelson_Carvalheiro (1) Quinta_Da_Pacheca_Nelson_Carvalheiro (2) Quinta_Da_Pacheca_Nelson_Carvalheiro (3)

L’And Vineyards in Montemor o Novo, Alentejo

L’AND Vineyards is a “Wine Resort” that offers a unique rural experience in an exclusive and contemporary ambiance. It is located in the heart of the Alentejo and extends around a central valley of vineyards, olive groves and a lake communicating with the accommodation units that born from the landscape, sorted in small clusters, recovering the typology of the traditional properties (“montes”) of Alentejo. By electing the wine as anchor of its inspiration, L’AND Vineyards Resort is a 5-star holiday village. L’And restaurant seeks to affirm the new Portuguese gastronomic culture, reflecting the history and culture of Portugal and integrating the experiences and ingredients that came from the discoveries in the East. The cuisine of Chef Michael Laffan, awarded a Michelin star in 2013, creates the restaurant menu inspired by the natural environment that surrounds the hotel, presenting dishes with influences from Alentejo in a contemporary interpretation, taking visitors on a gastronomic journey.

L'and_Vineyards_Nelson_Carvalheiro (1) L'and_Vineyards_Nelson_Carvalheiro (2) L'and_Vineyards_Nelson_Carvalheiro (3)

Quinta de La Rosa in Pinhão, Douro Valley

Quinta de La Rosa was built in an unusual location, on a hill with steep stairs that connect the different levels besides the Douro River. The Bergqvist family has been making Port wine since 1815. The Quinta de La Rosa estate was offered as a baptism gift to Claire Feuheerd, Sophia’s grandmother, in 1906. Guests can stay in traditional family House or in the new and more modern building.

Quinta_De_La_Rosa_Nelson_Carvalheiro (1) Quinta_De_La_Rosa_Nelson_Carvalheiro (2) Quinta_De_La_Rosa_Nelson_Carvalheiro (3)

Convento do Espinheiro in Évora, Alentejo

Built in the XV century, Convento do Espinheiro was since early fascinating because its history, charm, and rare beauty. Through centuries was one spot of election by the royal family whenever they moved to Évora. Luxuriously redecorated, the Convento do Espinheiro is today considered a national monument, that works with renown brand Luxury Collection of companyStarwood Hotels & Resorts. This Hotel is inserted in a sumptuous garden of 8 hectares and its interior was brilliant decor, keeping its character.??By booking accommodation in Convento do Espinheiro you begin a collection of unique experiences with a guided tour to the history of this place, as well, a tasting of its magnificent wines from Alentejo that can be found in the Gothic Cellar, escorted by the sommelier.

Convento do Espinheiro Convento_Do_Espinheiro_Nelson_Carvalheiro (2) Convento do Espinheiro

Quinta does Portal in Sabrosa, Douro Valley

Quinta do Portal is a Portuguese and independent family company that has embraced with passion the concept of Boutique Winery and is dedicated to the production of DOC Douro wines, premium quality Port wines and Muscat. The family MansilhaBranco, owner of Quinta do Portal, is a producer of wines in the Douro Region since immemorial times (the first reference we have dates back to 1477) and has always been linked to its key moments, such as the establishment of the General Company for the Agriculture of the Alto Douro Vineyards on the 10th September 1756, which originated the first demarcated region in the world, led by Frei (Brother) João de Mansilha. At present, the agricultural heritage consists of five Farms (Quinta do Portal, Quinta dos Muros, Quinta do Confradeiro, Quinta da Abelheira e Quinta das Manuelas), located in The Pinhão River Valley, adding up more than one hundred hectares of vineyards (247 ac.).

Quinta_Do_Portal_Nelson_Carvalheiro (1) Quinta_Do_Portal_Nelson_Carvalheiro (2) Quinta_Do_Portal_Nelson_Carvalheiro

Herdade dos Grous in Beja, Alentejo

The Herdade dos Grous belongs to VILA VITA Hotels and is located in the middle of the vineyards, olive groves, cork oaks and picturesque white villages in the heart of the Alentejo agricultural region. Just 17 ??Km. (10 mi. 991 yd.) away from Beja (towards Lisbon), in this wonderful natural environment, it is not surprising to find the production of one of the most awarded Portuguese wines. The fabulous gardens, the “infinity pool” with a view to the 98 ha.(243 ac.) an artificial lake, the old olive groves, and the orange trees laden with fruit testify the fertile quality of this unique landscape. This is a place of pure relaxation, serenity, and remoteness from everyday life.

Herdade_dos_Grous_Nelson_Carvalheiro (1) Herdade_dos_Grous_Nelson_Carvalheiro (2)

Quinta do Vallado in Peso da Régua, Douro Valley

Quinta do Vallado welcomes its guest in its comfortable Wine Hotel since 2005. It belonged to the legendary Dona Antónia Adelaide Ferreira and remains to this day as a property of her descendants. It is located on the banks of the River Corgo, a tributary of the Douro River, right next to the river mouth near the town of Peso da Régua.For nearly 200 years the Quinta do Vallado was primarily engaged in the production of Port wine, subsequently marketed by Casas Ferreira (that belonged to the Family).After Dona Antónia Adelaide Ferreira, her great grandson – Jorge Viterbo Ferreira and her great-great-grandson – Jorge Cabral Ferreira – were responsible for the great development and growth of the Quinta.

1-Quinta-do-Vallado-Cover-Peso-da-Regua-Douro-Portugal-Charming-Hotel 9-Quinta-do-Vallado-Peso-da-Regua-Douro-Portugal-Nature-House-Swimming-Pool 4-Quinta-do-Vallado-Peso-da-Regua-Douro-Portugal-Charming-Hotel-Bed-and-Breakfast

Quinta Nova in Sabrosa, Douro Valley

Quinta Nova Luxury House Winery, the first wine hotel in Portugal, was born from the reconstruction of the old 19th-century manor house, in full harmony with nature inside this 120 hectares property.  Quinta Nova N. S. does Carmo is a place of extreme beauty in the heart of the Douro and it’s owned by the Amorim family since 1999. But this property is prior to 1764 and a historical research confirms it as a great land belonging to the Portuguese Royal Family. The historic sites that are still preserved today and opened for visitors reveal all this: the creek, the gazebo, the stone mark of the Marquis of Pombal dated of 1758, the cellar’s crest, two chapels and three secular orchards.

Quinta_Nova_Nelson_Carvalheiro (1) Quinta_Nova_Nelson_Carvalheiro (2) Quinta_Nova_Nelson_Carvalheiro (3)

Torre de Palma in Vaiamonte, Alentejo

In the heart of the Alto Alentejo, lost in time near the village of Vaiamonte, you will find this real treasure. There once was a tower here that reached up to the sky and gave this place its name. The views from its ramparts could not be more idyllic. At dusk, the sun slowly sets and lights up the sky, painting it pink and orange, leaving us with the peace that is typical of the Alentejo landscape. A few minutes later the inevitable happens, and we fall in love with Torre de Palma.Dating from 1338, the views offered from this manor house made us dream and wish to make this a place you can enjoy. After a lot of hard work, this year the dream has become the reality with the birth of the Torre de Palma, Wine Hotel.

Torre_de_Palma_Nelson_Carvalheiro (1) Torre_de_Palma_Nelson_Carvalheiro (2) Torre_de_Palma_Nelson_Carvalheiro (3)

Portugal’s Best Wine Hotels

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The Portugal’s Best Wine Hotels post was written under the joint venture with Wine Tourism in Portugal. All opinions are my own.

Photo credits to the respective Properties.

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