I am very excited to announce that I will be delivering the opening keynote for TBEX Europe 2015 in the form of an interview with José Borralho (APTECE) and  conducted by Gary Bembridge. The keynote will feature a discussion about the importance of culinary culture and the role it can play it tourism and its promotion.

It is a very big win for me and my blog which is not even two years old. I am very proud to have been able to reach so far and to do so through a case study of culinary tourism. Portuguese Culinary Tourism! It actually comes just in time as I am celebrating one year as Ambassador to the blogging community for APTECE – Portuguese Food Travel Association.



At the keynote we will be speaking about our work together in using a country’s culinary heritage and identity to promote travel. In this past year I have worked closely together with Mr. José Borralho in showcasing food as the main motive for travelling and specifically Portuguese Cuisine as the principal motive for discovering Portugal.

My main goal with  the Travel and Food Blogging community, is to foment the discovery of food as a main precursor for travel, not only in Portugal but all over the world. The identification of the culture of a people by its food, is as important (if not more so) than its cultural identity and history. As a food and travel blogger myself I fundamentally understand the role which bloggers have in today’s travel industry, and believe in the power of the first-person, unbiased approach to travel that makes them the ultimate “travel storyteller”.

We have worked directly with VisitPortugal, Portugal’s regional tourism bureaus, the Portuguese Diplomatic Corps, producers, restaurateurs, chefs, bloggers and other entities who are directly related with Portuguese Gastronomy. Unique in the culinary tourism world, our work sets out to promote Portugal Travel in a very dynamic and innovative way. We seek to showcase unique experiences enriched with stories and secrets that will definitely feed any travellers mind and pleasure, throughout many tables and many different places, where curiosity may lead them.

The Keynote will take place at the TBEX EUROPE 2015 Costa Brava on the 1st of May at 9h00 .

I hope to see you a TBEX EUROPE 2015!

For more information on tickets and travel information to Costa Brava visit the TBEX website.

Here is a video with the highlights of the last TBEX meeting held in Cancun, Mexico.

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We’re very excited to announce our opening keynote for TBEX Europe 2015:  An interview with José Borralho and Nelson Carvalheiro conducted by Gary Bembridge.  The keynote will feature a discussion about the importance of culinary culture and the role it can play it tourism and its promotion.

José Borralho co-founded the Public Relations firm Documents & Events in 1993, today known today as Weber Shandwick | D&E (Interpublic Group), where he was the Manager in charge for the Marketing and Customers Strategy. In 1994 he was a Marketing Strategy Politician Consultant in the first free Elections in Mozambique, and he has coordinated the transformation process of Renamo (from a guerrilla movement into a political party). He served five years as the head of Weber Shandwick | D&E, where he directed several marketing campaigns of major national importance and then went on to launch the Tryp Network, with offices in Lisbon, Madrid, Milan and London, followed by the launch of the French project “Saveur de L’Année”, which would then lead to the release of the project “Restaurant Week” in Portugal and Spain. In 2011 José  opened his own Consultancy Firm, Brandstory Ltd., and in 2012 co-founded APTECE – Portuguese Association for Culinary Tourism and Economy to create a programme to promote culinary tourism for Portugal.

Nelson Carvalheiro grew up with his grandparents in a small farming village of central Portugal and soon learned to value the “Portuguese Gastronomical heritage.” After blogging only six months, Nelson was names FITUR’s European Travel Blogger for 2014, and the following years was names World FITUR Travel Blogger. He writes in English, showcasing Portugal as his identity and a brand which he takes with him wherever he travels, and is a firm believer in cultural identity through gastronomy. He constantly seeks little and intimate details, as he believes they are a destination’s culture in its raw state.

Gary Bembridge founded Tips for Travellers in 2005 to provide inspiration, advice, tips and tricks on finding and having luxurious travel experiences on both land and at sea. Draws on first-hand experiences of travelling every month of every year for over 25 years. Now focused full time on Tips For Travellers after a career in Global Marketing. The YouTube Channel has 27 million views (1,2 million/ year), the podcast over 700,000 downloads (180,000/year) and site 170,000 visitors a year.