Traveling through the Foods and Wines of Centro de Portugal shows you the gastronomic culture shaping the reality of Centro de Portugal.

As any good son likes to return home, I like to pay homage to the wonderful foods and wines from my Centro de Portugal.

Serra da Estrela Cheese, Portuguese Cured Cod, “the best fish in the world”, Vitela á Lafões accompanies by a Dão Wine and Pão de Ló are just a few examples of the marvels one can encounter while traveling through the Centro de Portugal.

Cheese that is made with sea salt, where the best fish in the world is caught in a sustainable manner by local fisherman in little wooden boats whose handwork inspire art and delicate pastries, Center of Portugal is brimming with Gastro-Wine Culture.

Traveling through the Foods and Wines of Centro de Portugal – Portuguese Version

This film was made for APTECE – The Portuguese Food Travel Association with the support of ARPT Centro de Portugal.

Funded by Centro 2020, Portugal 2020 and Feder.

Produced and Directed by Nelson Carvalheiro
Images by: Nelson Carvalheiro, Paulo Fajardo, Daniel Louro, Jonathan Manco (3Travel Bloggers) and Luis Graciano.

Music: Black Goldie by Perfect Muse :


Centro de Portugal Does Well Project by APTECE

The region of the Center of Portugal, for generations has maintained traditions and cultivated knowledge, in a line of fidelity to methods and processes, and genuine and authentic traditional flavors of high quality and reputation. As a tribute to the ingenuity, the simplicity of methods, the creative force and the will of all those who continue to believe and want to keep what tradition imposes, we will value and promote the region’s characteristic products, to strengthen or enrich knowledge of who wants and can come to elect them for their delight and satisfaction. Because the Center does well!

The “Centro Faz Bem Bem” project, co-financed by CENTRO 2020, PORTUGAL 2020 and EUROPEAN UNION, through the ERDF, is in execution until the end of January 2018. Its mission will be to promote and boost tourism in the Central Portugal region and the exaltation and export of its gastronomic and culinary identity, in an integrated and articulated way with other riches, not gastronomic but linked to the table.
With a program of defined activities to achieve the objectives it proposes, the project will contribute to the tourism and productive development of the region, with positive effects, economic, social and cultural, environmental and sustainability.


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