Having look at the fantastic weather that was foretasted for the Algarve , I called up my friend Pedro Estrela and told him that I would be going down to Tavira for a couple of days. He was prompt to say that it was perfect timing, as he wanted to share some more thoughts and ideas with me about his near completed Farm Hotel ( Agro-Tourism) project – Quinta dos Perfumes (Perfume Farm).

He reconverted the old warehouse where the perfume essences were distilled and turned into a 6 bedroom house, which sit in the middle of the 30 hectares of orange grove that is now present at Quinta dos Perfumes.   The used to produce Mallow Musk, for the big French Perfume Companies as a base note, tells Pedro’s father, as he goes on to explain that it is an environmental friendly and natural substitute to animal musk.

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The estate has been in the family for over 100 years and Pedro is keen on giving it new life and sharing with the future guests who stay at Quinta dos Perfumes the mellower, more relaxed Algarve that he calls home. I want my guests to have peace and quietness on their holidays!, that’s why I built the house in the middle of the property, surrounded by orange trees.

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There is not a sound that you can hear – during the night and during the day. It’s all about being natural, as besides the orange farming, Pedro will also plant a vegetable garden, an aromatic garden and a fruit orchard. This will be the main source for the produce that will be served to the guests at the property.

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As it is a Farm Hotel, guests will have the chance to take part in the farm’s daily activities and live the farm life in sunny southern Europe. The best part after all, is that the guests will have the opportunity to cook and eat what they harvested before, in cuisine workshops,  as Pedro wishes for more persons to take joy and pride on the value of being able to eat organic produce direct from the land. Pedro has also put in a pool, which is also hidden in the middle of the orange grove next to the house and is also planning on installing a yoga hut as the natural setting will make for some brilliant yoga holidays.

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This property will have plenty to do as Pedro wants to be able to take the guests out on the boat and show them the hidden inaccessible beaches that he goes to and surfs at. It’s going to be a fantastic project, I told Pedro! Congratulations and Count me in for the boat ride and surf, not to mention getting back to my farming roots.

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