During the whole of 2016 I had the chance to explore Portugal’s most diverse region: Centro de Portugal.

Centro de Portugal is a mosaic of diversified landscapes and experiences, sun and ocean, schist and granite trails, innovation and tradition, design and historical legacy, exquisite gastronomy and remarkable wines, ideal for contemporary cosmopolitan consumers who search for new experiences!

Discover more about the Centro de Portugal here: http://www.visitcentro.com/
Here are the links to the other videos featuring the 6 journeys we made within Centro de Portugal:

Serra da Estrela



Viseu and Historical Villages


Unesco Heritage in Centro de Portugal

This project was made under the partnership between NelsonCarvalheiro.com and the Centro de Portugal Tourism Bureau (http://www.visitcentro.com/)

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Video Credits:
Edited by Nelson Carvalheiro
Images by Nelson Carvalheiro, Paulo Fajardo and Daniel Louro, Luis Graciano e Johnathan Manco (3Travel Bloggers)
Voice of José Saramago from https://youtu.be/uqSqBAH1RIQ?t=43m41s

Music: Counting Stars by Reaktor Productions https://www.premiumbeat.com/royalty_free_music/songs/counting-stars?auto

Cover Photo by Emanuele Siracusa: http://www.emanuelesiracusa.com/

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