When I have a bad day, or week… when I feel overworked, burnt out or just sick of routine – I turn to planning. I plan my next adventure and set out in search for all the little details that bring me such giddiness. I love arriving at a new destination and experiencing just how much the little details matter!  Just the thought of travelling and just how much world there is to see, reminds me why I work so hard.


Many don’t believe me when I say this, but I LOVE CHANGE – THIS IS WHY I TRAVEL.

I love new experiences and the challenge of navigating through the ins and outs of a new environment. It’s a puzzle in action. Drop me somewhere – ANYWHERE, ideally somewhere beautiful with great surf, but for this explanation anywhere will do. If you drop me the middle of India (I have yet to experience) or the middle of South Beach – the same series of cerebral activity happens. I have need to start putting the pieces of the puzzle together immediately! I have most likely spent months researching with my best friend – Google, and begun to get a general feel of the area and of course, the best boutique hotel it has to offer! Location (nearest to the ocean as possible) and affordable luxury are the first two elements I search for.


I travel to surf, experience new cultures and food – and of course feel a little pampered! I have managed to find all three of those elements in many destinations and plan to continue!


SO back to my arrival. I need to get comfortable so I walk around, drive around, talk to locals and take it all in. Somehow, a bizarre querk that I don’t think I have ever actually said out loud – is that by the time I leave – I want to be convincingly engrained enough that I could be mistaken for a local…. is that weird? Anyways, I am drawn to the subtle details and how things work culturally.


I love fashion and how every destination offers a visceral style, mimicking it becomes like second nature by the time I leave. I love the natural transition of the day and how its different everywhere you go.

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2014-08-14 13.54.58

I love finding all my favorite little spots and finding places that somehow feel like my little secret. All of these random things add to this completely new experience and I crave-need-live for that feeling!

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The thought of how large the world actually is, and the fact that every time you experience a new place it shapes a little part of your perspective – shifts it, maybe widens it, makes my zest for life brighter. There are so many ways for perspective to shift, and to me shifting is growth and growth is life.2013untitled-1592013-12-05 17.10.20

These are the reasons I travel. These are reasons I work and breath and dream! There is too much world to see and too little time to see it. I will share every secret piece of knowledge I learn!